Thursday, October 15, 2015

New Series: Currently Obsessed With

I thought it would be super fun to start a series on this blog that I've decided to call "Currently Obsessed With". These posts will be short little blurbs talking about products, things, and people that I'm currently adoring. Fall being my favorite time of year, there are so many things that I'm loving right now that make me feel happy and cozy, so let's jump right into it.

  1. Sam & Libby Ankle Booties - Anyone who knows me knows that I can't walk out of Target with only the things I originally went in to buy. Luckily, that worked out in my favor when I picked up these ADORABLE ankle booties for $35. I've been dying to jump on the ankle bootie trend for a while now, but wasn't willing to shell out $80 to $100 for a pair at Nordstrom or Dillard's. When I saw these there for such a great price, I knew I had to get them. They're right on trend, comfortable, and look more expensive than they actually were. Can't lose! 
  2. Celestial Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea - This time of year, my allergies are always getting to me, but I can't afford to get sick when I have shows to perform every night. I like to have some tea and Throat Coat on hand so that every time I start to get a scratchy throat, I'll take some Airborne and sip on some soothing tea. I just picked this flavor up for the first time last week and it has quickly become my favorite I've ever tried. If you love apple cider, you'll love this. It's perfect for this time of year and pairs so nicely with the herbal flavors of Throat Coat Tea, so if you're a singer, you should definitely check this out. 
  3. Cranberry Pumpkin Candle - If you know me, you know that I love my fall bakery scents from Bath and Body Works, but every once in a while, it's nice to get a different aroma going in my space. This candle has the perfect amount of sweetness and spice, and leaves my room smelling fresh and warm instead of too overwhelmingly sweet. It's also a perfect candle to transition into holiday time, so if you aren't someone who burns candles very regularly, you'll get a lot of bang for your buck out of this one since you can stretch it across different seasons. 
  4. Plum Cider Warmth Ultra Shea Cream - If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen me posting pictures of all the Fall Traditions body creams I picked up from BBW about a month back. This scent has quickly become my favorite. I'm someone who tends to apply body butters at night before I go to bed so I can wake up moisturized and not have to worry about feeling greasy. This body cream is warm and sugary and reminds me of all things fall and holiday, so it's the perfect scent to curl up with before bed. 
  5. Special Edition Harry Potter Box Set - It's no secret that I'm obsessed with the world of Harry Potter all the time, not just currently. I'm going to be traveling a lot within the next year, so I wanted to pick up paperback copies of the books that would be easier to keep with me in a carryon bag. When I saw this special edition box set at Barnes and Noble, I knew I had to have it. They're lightweight with durable covers, but what really sealed the deal for me was the incredibly beautiful new illustrations by Kazu Kibuishi. The publishing on the inside is the same font and style, so I can't wait to feel comforted by the familiar words on my travels. 
  6. Laura Geller Lasting Love Lip Stain in Pinot Noir - (Literally every time I wear this I sing the song from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) In my opinion, if you're going to wear color on your lips, you should only have to apply it once, and that's all I have to do with this lip stain from Laura Geller. It's the perfect marsala shade for this time of year and leaves your lips moisturized as well. But what I love most about it is the fact that it is a stain, so even as you eat and drink and the color begins to fade, you are still left with the most beautiful berry flush on your lips. 
  7. Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask from Lush - When I say I'm obsessed with this, I mean I'm obsessed with it. Because my skin is on the drier side but is generally very sensitive, I need skincare products with gentle microdermabrasion. This mask has real fresh ground coffee in it, so not only does it smell amazing, but after I have let it sit on my face for five to ten minutes, I gently exfoliate my dry patches by rubbing the mask into the skin. It leaves my skin supple and extremely soft. Oh, and it has agave syrup in it, so don't worry about it getting in your mouth.... Cause it tastes really good. 
What are you guys currently obsessed with? I hope this has given you a bit of fall inspiration and that you love these products if you decide to pick any of them up! Until next time! 

xoxo Kaley 

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