Monday, September 28, 2015

I Love Fall Tag

Fall is finally here, you guys. The PSL is out in those adorable new Starbucks cups, pumpkin scented/flavored everything is beginning to fill the shelves at our favorite stores, and as I look out my window while snuggled up in my favorite Hogwarts throw, even the Oklahoma leaves are starting to take notice of the subtle change in temperature and turn a bright yellow color. I am definitely a fall girl, so I thought, what better way to celebrate having the entire holiday season ahead of us than to doing a tag about my favorite fall products and all the things I love about this time of year? Click here to check out this tag done by one of my favorite tried and true beauty and lifestyle gurus, Ingrid Nilsen.

  1. Favorite Fall Lip Product - You guys know I love a dark, vampy lip in the fall, but I have to be honest that I don't generally wear a ton of heavy makeup during the day. While Charlotte by NARS is my favorite oxblood colored lip product, Syrup by MAC is definitely my go-to natural berry lip shade in the fall. It's perfect for days when I'm doing errands or just going to the mall and want to swipe on a bit of color before heading out the door. And, it's one of MAC's "lustre" lipsticks, which means it's super moisturizing. 
  2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish - Being the nail polish addict that I am, it's super hard to narrow it down to just one. But looking at my collection, there is one color that I always gravitate towards this time of year and put on my nails just about every other time I do them, and that is Seduce Me by China Glaze. It's a super glossy plum color that looks darker and vampier in different light. It's warm, festive, and sophisticated. Can't go wrong! 
  3. Favorite Fall Starbucks Drink - PSL. Is that even a question? 
  4. Favorite Fall Candle - You guys, don't even get me started, because once I get going on candles, I just can't stop. So I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. Favorite fall candle of all time? Leaves from Bath and Body Works. Current/new favorite? Pumpkin Pie  by BBW as well. You have to go out and smell it if you haven't yet. You get the pumpkin, you get the whipped cream, and you even get the scent of the flaky, buttery pie crust. I kid you not, one of the most accurate and delicious scents they've ever released. Okay I'm done. 
  5. Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory - Without a doubt, this blanket scarf from Altar'd State. I love how festive a flannel blanket scarf feels this time of year. It makes me think of fall picnics, tail gating, and just wrapping yourself in warmth and coziness. Plus, there are about a zillion different ways to wear a blanket scarf, so this one addition to your wardrobe can create dozens of different outfits and looks. 
  6. Haunted House, Haunted Hay Ride, or Haunted Corn Maze? I've never done any of them! I'm planning on going to a haunted house before I leave Oklahoma City at the end of the month, though. 
  7. Favorite Halloween Movie - Hocus Pocus. I know that's basically everyone's favorite Halloween movie, but I feel like it's because it encompasses so much of 90's kids childhoods. Hocus Pocus came out in 1993, the year I was born, so I literally cannot remember a Halloween where I have not watched it. I have such wonderful memories associated with watching that movie with my family, and I am so happy that it is making a resurgence at Disney World  and that they are planning on making a sequel. 
  8. Favorite Halloween Candy - I'm not a huge candy person in my adult life (I would much rather have salted caramel ice cream, am I right?), but I remember going trick or treating in my childhood and coming home to root though my candy stash. I used to love those eyeball gum balls. And Kit Kats. Oh boy. 
  9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Well, I will be home in Dallas this Halloween for maybe one of the last Halloween's ever so I will be handing out candy to the trick of treaters. Maybe Miranda Sings? I already have the sweats (and the personality) for it. 
  10. Favorite Thing About Fall - Even thought it's almost impossible to pick out just one thing that I love about fall, I would probably have to say the smells. The smell of fall foliage after it has rained. The way the air starts to smell sharper in your nose as the temperatures get more crisp. The smell of blooming apples baking in the oven covered in brown sugar and butter. The smell of pumpkin everything. Candles and even body lotions smell warm and cozy, and it's not inappropriate for you yourself to smell like a cupcake covered in creme cheese frosting. Thank goodness. 

So, that's it! What are some of your favorite things about fall? I'd love to hear all about them. And if you'd like to read about some of my favorite products to help you transition from summer to fall, be sure to check out my last blog post here. Until next time!

xoxo Kaley

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    Oh man do I love this tag. And of course we have some of the same faves. Dark, vampy lips all the way!

    Love and AOE - Val